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The Quaker Parakeet Discussion list is one of the oldest and largest avian discussion lists on the internet. There is no better place to discuss Quakers. Members include behaviorists, Quaker breeders, owners, enthusiasts, and people wanting to learn more about Quakers to see if a Quaker is the right bird for them. QPList members support fellow members, sharing Quaker experiences, information and ownership support. 


To join the QPList please go to About Us page and fill in the form.  


New members are sent the QPList Guidelines .


Click on "QPList Guidelines" above, to view or print a copy.


Guidelines can also be found on the QPList website. 


*At this time, the QPList cannot accept subscribers using an AOL email address. This is dictated to us by our list server because of conflicts with AOL spam filters which block QPList mail. Please subscribe to the QPList using an alternative email address. There are many free, web based email programs available. We apologize for any inconvenience.*










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