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Information presented on the QPSerc pages is gathered from avian articles, books, reference materials, and the result of extensive discussion with Quaker owners, breeders, researchers, behaviorists, and avian veterinarians. It is not intended to replace the valuable information which your personal avian veterinarian shares with you.











QPS believes supporting members through education and research promotes better, healthier, and longer lasting relationships between Quakers and owners. 


One of the goals of QPS and its committees, is to help educate Quaker owners, potential owners, and the general public on the basic care and behavior of Quaker Parakeets in the home and in the wild. QPS hopes, that by offering basic information and solutions, members and non members will be encouraged to continue their research beyond this site, offering their companion Quaker, or future companion Quaker, as healthful and happy an environment as possible. Always double check information offered, check resources and links, and make good, positive choices which work best for you and your Quaker.


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