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Want to participate in each issue of THE SENTINEL and get answers to your Quaker questions at the same time?


Just ask WOZZO & KEEBLER !

No question is too long, short, or hard for this savvy, funny, and intelligent pair. Ask your question, and the answer will appear in THE SENTINEL'S ASK WOZZO & KEEBLER column. Neither Wozzo or Keebler has mastered the art of typing as yet, so human companion, Cathy Warren, continues to handle that task.


AND...there's many a Quaker owner interested in how a natural approach can enhance their birds' lives. Got a question about how particular herbs may supplement your Quaker's diet, or improve its health? Ever wonder if something you grow in your garden is safe, tasty, and healthy for your Quaker? Pose your question to Jorgi and her friend Nancy at JORGI'S HERB PATCH and your question and answer may very well show up in THE SENTINEL!

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